Pregnancy is a time where a lot of changes take place in your body. Some of them may be on the expected lines, where others may not be that pleasant. Pregnancy medicine for pain relief would provide you with a degree of relief. But before pain medicine you need to be aware of some common questions that are posed during pregnancy.

Do you think it is safe to have sexual intercourse when you are pregnant?

In most women sex during the times of pregnancy is safe. The doctor is going to suggest keeping away from sex if there is any condition or risk factors. The possible risks include premature delivery, amniotic fluid leak; low placenta etc. pregnant women should also need to keep away from sex if there is a risk of acquiring any sexually transmitted disease.

Is it necessary to diet when you are pregnant?

As a pregnant lady you need to follow a strict diet plan which is optimized for both the baby and the mother. For pregnant woman diet restrictions is not that recommended. For example if a woman is obese before pregnancy they are still expected to gain weight once they become pregnant. Though some may gain less weight in comparison to a normal weight woman. An obese woman needs to discuss what is the right amount of weight they can put on during the course of pregnancy.

Can you travel by flight when you are pregnant?

As per medical experts, air travel at an occasional level is safe when you are pregnant. No evidence as of now exists to show that air travel is not safe for pregnant woman. Most of the airlines allow woman to fly up to 36 weeks of gestation. Women who have high risk pregnancies or have any chances of emergency needs to avoid air travel. Women who are going to travel by air needs to take precautions so that formation of blood clots is avoided.

Do any medicines needs to be stopped as part of pregnancy planning the moment a woman goes on to become pregnant?

As part of pregnancy planning it does make sense to pay attention to your current medical conditions that does have an impact on pregnancy. Women who are into regular medicines need to view their medication schedule. This could be supplements or over the counter medicines and discuss it with their doctor. There are some drugs that are harmful to the developing baby, whereas some drugs may be considered safe for a pregnant woman. The need may arise to discontinue certain medicines or to change some medicines when you become pregnant.

In certain cases the impact of a particular medicine may not be clear in a pregnant woman. In that case a decision has to be made about the advantage that medicine gives to the mother in comparison to the risk for the developing baby. The moment you become ill during pregnancy a lot of medications you end up consuming.