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Drug Use: Using it Wise or Abusing it

Drugs are either useful or harmful to other bodies. It all depends on where use it moderately or abuse it. Some are useful as it can cure sickness and sometimes soothes the pain. Drugs are an aide to and hurtful feeling but some people around the globe misuse it. Using it rapidly as if it is just a piece of candy, Too good to take and no effect will occur. Taking drugs every day or always will give a big change or effect in one’s body. Oneself will be dependent on drugs that if a day with no using it will cause such painful symptoms. There is a different kind of drugs. There are good drugs that are used to remove or erase pain and sickness. There are also bad drugs that can cause one human to stay high or euphoria.

The drug detox depends on the usage of some medicines or how the body needs it so much. Some medicine should be maintained or else the body will not handle the pressure.

Symptoms of drug withdrawal in general

Drug withdrawal will give a big impact on one’s body. One can be depressed and stressed. Overthinking things and are thorn between trying again and not. The user will be confused about things and are commonly lost in their world. Some of it will also lead to vomiting. It will drain one’s body and letting out all foods that have been eaten on that day. One will also experience palpitating. Change in heartbeats and an unusual run of it. People will get sweaty and its temperature will also change. The moods of the people will be unusual and most of them are always irritable. The strong pressure of pain will also occur especially in the head. There are so many symptoms of it, one needs to overcome all this to be free from drug usage.

What are bad drugs

Bad drugs are those medicine that has a big use in curing some high-level disease yet being abused by some people around the world. These kinds of drugs bring people into oblivion and sometimes paradise. It makes people too high that in the end, one will fall from that height. It makes people see what beautiful is. It makes imagination reality in the user’s mind. It is too addicting that it makes people go crazy. Delusions also occur and aggressiveness happens. There are so many bad effects on the body. The worst-case scenario is when one overuse it that it may lead to its death.

People all around the world should control themselves on this matter. Several people have been recorded that is positive on drug abuse. It will put a big change into the users. The most visible effect is the attitude and physical features.

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