If you are from Asian continent then you may not like the idea of tanning your skin but in Western countries this the latest trend for which many celebrities and other famous Personalities shed millions of money to get there skin dark. In many countries darker skin people are considered to be more beautiful and they are the people who are getting more offers and earing big amounts. One of the easiest and safest ways to get dark is using the Melanotan tan injections. This increases the production of melanin in your body and Makes your skin darker.

Let’s see few more benefits and methods to use the tanning injection

  • It helps you to avoided UV rays which are so harmful for your skin. Even though you spend a full day on beach and get tan it will last only for some time. But if your getting tan through the tanning injection than it stays for long time with little maintenance.
  • The UV rays are very bad for the older person that does not mean that it is good for younger ones. Point here is that it affects the older people. The over exposer to the sun rays will also increase the threat of getting skin disorders like skin cancer. This also implies to the people who are more faire and what ever is the age.

  • Based on the skin type the dosage intake is dependent. The dosage also different based on the weight and it is also different for males and females. The fairer you are the dosage intake will be more and they will take more time to turn tan than the other skin type people.
  • Basically there are two ways in which you can take the Melanotan. The first method is where you mix the Melanotan powder with the distilled water and put the mixture in syringe and can take the injection. The second me this is where you follow the same step for mixing it but instead of putting in syringe you put the mixture in spay bottle and use it. This method will also avoid the little pain which you have to bear while taking the injection.
  • In the freezer the mixed solution can be kept for longer period than keeping it out. When you keep it out the power of the medicine reduces fast.


Hope you have got enough information about tanning and if that is true than use the tan injection and get darker shade and increase your chances of becoming famous.