Six practical ways of fixing Leptin resistance

Most people tend to consume junk food due to stress increase with lousy eating behaviour. Now one of the primary cause of various health issues and obesity is the heating habit. Everybody would wish to stay healthy, but they usually find it challenging to restrict bad heating behaviour.

Leptin resistance is another problem that is mostly caused by bad eating habit.There are more you can learn about how to control leptin resistance. Visit for more information. Below are useful pieces of information for managing leptin resistance:

Psychological resistance for restricting bad eating habit

One of the psychological resistance is leptin resistance that affects the general age group. It is one of the harmful psychological resistance that particular-prevent people from considering the amount or type of food, and eventually they become obsessed. Therefore, in this article, we are going to look into various ways of fixing leptin resistance.

Restrict Overeating habit

Overheating habit enables the stomach to enlarge excess depending on the amount of food consumption. The stomach expansion due to excess food intake can result in uneasiness in some organ, which will eventually cause unknown stress in the body. This discomfort will, therefore, cause tiredness and sluggish. 

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Increase of insulin sensitivity 

Excess consumption of sugar can as well cause fats to increase. The primary function of insulin is to manage the amount of sugar in the blood body. If the level of blood sugar is controlled, then the intensity of leptin resistance will be reduced. Insulin sensitivity can as well increased in many ways.

Regular Exercises  

Currently, one of the most essential things you need to consider maintaining regular exercises and attain good body. Everyone would love to achieve the same. In facts it is one of the effective way of decreasing the level of leptin resistance. Therefore, a vigorous workout should be encouraged to make this happen faster.

Reduce the level of stress 

With an increase of workload, including other personal reasons, there is a higher possible to encounter stressful life. As result of this, other people tend to eat excessively to manage stress, thus, it will result to an increase of leptin resistance.

 Leptin Resistance Drugs 

Leptin resistance is another effective of way of controlling the level of leptin resistance. Besides using pills or drugs, there are many supplements the market that are currently used to reduce leptin resistance. However, it is not an effective way of minimizing an increase of leptin.

Change sleeping habit 

Sleeping habit is one of the courses that assist an effective work of metabolism. If you mostly don’t get enough sleeping, it may result to many problems. Sleeping habit may as well greatly influence leptin resistance in various ways.

Weight loss surgeries

For people suffering from overweight, weight loss surgeries can be lifesaving. One who is in real need of surgeries more than exercise and diet can go for it. They can lose 30% – 50% of weight within the duration of 6 months through weight loss surgeries but this will be depend on the type of operation they undergo.

This is not an easy decision. After the weight loss surgery one should follow strict rules when it comes to eating. That is why it is a life- long commitment especially when it comes to exercise and diet to maintain he pounds off. Since it is considered as a major surgery it will also come with lot of risks too.

It is very important to discuss with doctor about the options available and decide which option you want to choose. Most important thing that a patient should understand here is what to expect from these weight loss surgeries.

How it works?

There are many types of weight loss surgeries. For example some surgeries prevent stretching of the stomach to its full size. Usually stomach is expected to carry about six cups of food. So, after the weight loss operation, it is made to hold only a cup. So, patient will start feeling full stomach faster. This is the reason they will start eating less hence lose weight.

Some other surgeries even work by bypassing the part of intestine. This results in absorbing fewer calories by the body. Majority of the fedmeoperasjon performed in Norwegians in Riga, Latvia are now laparoscopic. This is same even around the world. Majority of the fedmeoperasjon use small cuts. Through this laparoscopic technology, big cuts are avoided.

Surgeon will perform small cuts in the belly. In most of the cases there will be 5- 6 small cuts. These are made to insert very small tools and even camera into the body. He will perform the operation with the help of video captured by the camera. If this isn’t work, then surgeon should have to choose making a large cut in the belly along the middle.

There is a weight loss surgery known as gastric bypass surgery. This is considered as most common among weight loss surgeries available. In this surgeon should divide the stomach to two parts, one small and other large. Then he should staple small stomach to make tiny pouch.

Later, he will disconnect this stomach pouch from first part of small intestines. Later he will reconnect stomach to the other part of the small intestine. Hence it is called bypass surgery. After the surgery, patients will start feeling full even for small quantity of food. This will help them to lose weight. Bypass also takes care of reducing absorption of calories, hence patients will drop weight. Other most common is laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery.

Weight loss surgeries can help over weight patients in many ways. But there are myths about these surgeries. People should not get confused with obesity and weight problem. Obesity is generated in the presence of metabolic disease. So, when that is corrected patients can get relief from weight issues.