There is no need to obtain a prescription for glasses with blue light. Blue-filtered glasses are essential to protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays, even if you have a prescription or not. The blue coating is applied to all lenses, both prescription and over-the-counter. You must be seeing blue glasses on everyone now because people have started to experience various visual discomforts when using digital devices.

Often professionals have to pay special attention to the computer screen due to writing.

They face disruptions in their workflow due to headaches and constant exhaustion. People whose professional work involves long hours of working with computers, even if it’s not a recipe or not, want to get rid of the negative effects of blue light that constantly gets into their eyes and hurts them. It is not a good sign, blue rays penetrate directly into the retinas of our eyes, and since our eyes cannot reflect or block them, they carry a potential threat to our eyes, such as permanent loss of vision. The blue light filter in glasses helps overcome and reverse visual impairment by reducing constant movement due to the absorption of blue light rays. Blue light filters block or reflect blue light rays and thus always protect your eyes. Now you can work for hours at the computer without feeling serious eye diseases, and your workflow will only get better.’

Blue light lenses Singapore eliminate the various discomforts you experience when going out into the sun or using digital devices at night, such as headaches, dry eyes, itchy and red eyes, neck and shoulder pain, etc. Good sleep time because when you often stay up to finish work in progress or watch a movie, you won’t feel sleepy and stay awake for hours. It is because the rays of blue light inhibit the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Blue light glasses are designed for all people who use digital devices daily and experience various visual discomforts. Not everyone wears prescription glasses; So people can get a blue light filter on their lenses without a prescription and wear them every day for active protection. You can wear these glasses like the trendy glasses in vogue right now, but they also prove their functionality for your eyes.


Blue filter glasses are available in beautiful frames in various designs: aviators, round metal, modern walkers, rimless rectangles, and glamorous cat eyes. You can wear them in style; whether you wear them for work or fun, it is better to be fashionable if you have something on your face.