If you’re serious about your health, then you should be sitting while reading this article. Some of you will curse, some will throw a fit, and some may throw something against the wall. This is a long way of saying that this statement will cause discord and disagreement. Ready? The revelation is this –it is that since the first effective and good physical training program was introduced, there have never been any significant improvements or advancements. Exercise is exercise. So if this is true (and it is) then what is the point of utilizing a personal trainer if nothing about physical training has changed?

But just because physical training hasn’t changed much in the last few years doesn’t imply in any way that people know what constitutes a good physical training program, or that they know which exercisesare best for their body. This is where the work of the personal fitness trainer begins. Not only will a personal trainer teach clients what a good program is, but a worthwhile trainer will also understand and know how to work with the many parameters within that program in order to achieve exactly what their client wants to achieve.

Understanding how nutritional supplements work is crucial to understanding how the body develops, reacts, and grows in response to training stress. Here is that calming news mentioned earlier: the foundational principles of a workout program contain three facets: diet, exercise and rest. Diet is much more than what you eat, exercise is much more than how much you can lift, and rest means more than just sleeping. A personal trainer is essential and necessary in the understanding and the applications of these three components. (If you’re curious, for instance, about diet in particular, check out this link for information about the proper use of nutritional supplements).

Teaching clients how to eat, what to eat and when to eat is only the very beginning of what trainers do to help people get from where they are at to where they aim to be. What type of workout program(for instance, cross training, aerobic, heavy, or strength-training) will help dictate what diet program a good trainer will create for their clients to assist them in their march toward fitness. Supplements are one of the few parts of a fitness program that may be used at any stage of a program, and for any type of program – that makes them extremely useful. An expert trainer, like those at Fitness Solutions (based in the Greater Toronto Area), will have a wide knowledge of various nutritional compounds and what they can do for your body.

There are supplements that will help with everything from weight loss and muscle gain to recovery and energy boosts. An experienced trainer will teach clients how to eat, what workout program to choose, how to use that program, and what days off mean and how to use rest within the structure of the fitness programin order to maximized the client’s desired gains. Supplements are just another part of achieving this desired end.

So while it’s true that the building blocks of what makes a good fitness program have not changed, it is true that only an expert (like the trainers at Fitness Solutions) can provide you with the holistic care you need to achieve maximum results. The components and variables in play are almost endless, so you really need to know your stuff – or, much easier, find a trainer who can handle all that for you. If you try to do it on your own, without the help of an expert, it’s a little like knowing what music is but having no idea of how to play an instrument or read music – definitely not how you want to be spending your time!