When a hospitalization of a child occurs , it can be a stressful time for the near or dear ones of the kids. Be it the consultation of a eye specialist in Thane, kids can hardly speak and this causes a lot of problems  at the same time. The kids can be uncomfortable when they find themselves in a new situation or surroundings. In a way they are not aware of how to manage their course of hospital stay. This is where the role of a child specialist comes into play as they are fully aware of what needs to be done to keep the kids away from home

Who is a child specialist?

A child specialist tends to work closely with kids or families, in medical settings, developing family coping strategies along with a strong emotional support. They have a background in child development along with counseling ,which helps them to prepare the kids for various procedures.  In fact their main aim is to decrease the stress or anxiety which is experienced by kids in a hospital setting. This is done by making them understand on what is happening in the first place.

Their mode of working?

Most child life programs tend to exist in hospitals, when it comes to child specialist in Thane they tend to work in a variety of settings to provide the best possible health care to both the kids along with their families. In some cases, they are allowed to travel to the school of kids and give them presentation about the illness along with the time in the hospital. The child specialists who tend to work in adult care units work more on addressing the emotional needs of the kids who are undergoing treatment in critical care.

Their roles along with responsibilities tend to change each passing day and to a large extent it is dependent on the settings in which they are part of. You need to explain to a child in the manner in which he understands things. Their job is to break things down and they also make it a point that the kids are on track developmentally during their course of stay in the hospital. What they try to do is formulate a healthy atmosphere for the kids to develop and express themselves. For the well being of the kids ,they tend to promote events that encourage socializing among the kids.

Who can benefit?

Though the focus tends to be on the needs of a pediatric patient, child life specialist does pay attention to the child’s family along with the siblings. They are of the strong opinion that medical experience is a family experience, and the emotional needs of the family members should be addressed properly.

Chronic illness tends to affect the family and what happens to the kids tend to happen to the whole family as well. When you address the emotional needs of the kids ,they will have a strong emotional support in the first place. You will see that the kids tend to take all the onus on themselves to be part of the treatment and undertake things which will make them feel much better

It is really dependant on the hospital on how they integrate child care development into the stream of pediatrics for the better overall development.