To control impotence, men try many treatments for getting sexually fitter like before. So, when it comes to a perfect treatment of impotence, the best treatment is done by Cialis and Viagra medicine. Viagra came before Cialis and is aneffective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra was made to use for managing angina in patients but later it was found that it is effective in ED treatment as wellby using 20 mg tadalafil. Cialis was developed for sildenafil citrate in its initial phase. Both drugs are available at all medical stores and also on online platforms.


Both of the drugs are of the same family of PDE5 inhibitor. Both drugs are for muscle relaxation in penile tissue which helps in the erection of the penis and in this way,helps a person get over his erection problems. They both are potent invasodilators. Cialis is for tadalafil and Viagra for sildenafil.

Even impotence is of any causes these two drugs can have that power to remove it from the root of its cause. After having treatment with these drugs, patients can feel restoration in theirerectile dysfunction. Althoughfor this dream to become true, all they need to follow is the strict routine while taking medicines.

20 mg tadalafil


As discussed above, both are of the same family but there are some differences between the two drugs. To identify these drug differences, we need to figure out how both are different from eachother. So, let’s start a comparison ofCialis VS Viagra. Cialis Viagra
Manufacturer Eli Lilly Pfizer
Active ingredients It is basically made with tadalafil.  It is made with sildenafil citrate.
Chemical Formula Chemically, it is made by the combination of C22H19N3O4. Its chemical composition is C22H30N6O4S.
Indication of treatment It can treat erectile dysfunction along with quick orgasm problems and pulmonary arterial hypertension. As both are of the same family, it will also treat the same dysfunctional problem remedied with Cialis.
Effective inside body (biological time cycle) It can start showing its effect within 17.5hrs. It can show quick results in just 3-4hrs.
How to take It can be taken only by mouth as it comes in tablet form. It comes in the tablet as well as in vaccine form.


Any sexual dysfunction can be treated with these two drugs and can have that power to remove it from the root of its cause. So, without any hesitation, go to any medical store and buy any of the two drugs if you’re feeling low about your sexual life. You mustfollow a routine while taking this medicine and alsoconsult a doctor.