Urine Drug Test

Unlike other tests, the urine test is much easier to be managed the way you need it. When employers conduct drug tests at the workplace, they expect the employees to do them without faking it, of course. But is this really the case most of the time?

No, it’s not. There are over 150 million people in the US that tried some drug at least once in their lifetime. That’s nearly half of the population. Research shows that over 20 million people used some kind of drug in the past month. Can you imagine how many of these are working in public institutions, health care, the security of the nation? We need to understand that people like to use recreational drugs and that’s not something we’ll ever change. Here’s an interesting article on this topic.

Instead of forcing them to lie and fake the tests, we need to embrace this habit and make the best of it. However, this is another subject and at the moment, there’s not much we can do about it.

What’s important here is that passing a urine test is very easy. It is not like the hair follicle option which is much harder to fake. The urinalysis as it is officially called is conducted by taking a sample of your body’s by-product,we all commonly call pee. Then, this sample is taken to the lab and processed in a machine that uncovers what you have in your body. The results can clearly show the presence of many narcotic substances that passed your system in the past 3 to 30 days but it can also show lots of irregularities of the body itself which means the doctors can tell you if something’s wrong with your health.

Urine Drug Test

This is the main reason why we don’t suggest faking the test, but on the other hand, you can do a health test any time you like privately and see if something’s wrong. It’s not expensive and no one will force you to do anything about any illegal substance found inside.

When you do the test as a part of your workplace routine, you absolutely must come out negative on it. Having positive results about any illegal substance will mean getting fired and then looking for another job. So, how to get negative results?

How to get negative results in 1 week?

If you have more than 2 weeks, you have a lot of options. Drinking a lot of water, working out, taking detoxification formulas, all sorts of ideas come up. If you have less than 1 week, it’s another story.

In this case, you first need to know a little more about the drugs and their properties. In some situations, it’s fairly easy to pass a drug test in a week. In others, you’ll have to reach out for some substandard solutions.

What you need to know here is how long different narcotics stay in your body. Some of the most commonly used drugs are MDMA, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Ecstasy, cocaine, and heroin can all be found in the urine for no longer than 4 days in your urine. Crystal meth is there for 6 days. THC on the other hand – up to 30 days. Bummer, right?

This means, depending on the drug, you have different chances to pass it. Also, often use is harder to be flushed by the system. Occasional use is much easier. It means that if your examination day is 7 days from now, and you did a line of cocaine 3 days ago, you probably won’t get caught and you can only do some detox methods.

However, marijuana smokers must do something else. One week is not enough to flush all the particles buildup inside. The THC particles tend to get stuck in our body fat and that is why the system needs more time to flush it. This also means that people with more body fat will have a higher chance to get caught and come out positive on the test.

If you did a shot or two last weekends at a party, it’s still a risk. Research shows that people who smoked for the first or after a long time will probably flush the toxins out in around 3-4 days. Still, there isn’t a toxin counter for your body anywhere and you must be 100% that you’ll pass.

Urine Drug Test

What is the ultimate solution?

It is called fake or synthetic urine. This is a product manufactured by professional chemists and is made to resemble the real human by-product we all know too well. It smells, feels, and acts like real pee. There’s no way to see a difference with the naked eye and even less when it’s placed under a microscope.

How is this possible? Because the synthetic urine is made for the exact reason to act as pee. It’s used in many places where people need to use human urine but there’s no logic in hiring a staff of urinators – if there’s even a term for this. They use a chemically produced urine which is basically 95% water and a few other substances that our pee has. See a little more about it on this link: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/4/11/18302400/synthetic-urine-fake-pee-drug-test-whizzinator

So you actually just need to switch the samples. Get the fake pee, read carefully the instructions, and do as they say. Make sure the liquid is on the right temperature as the lab practitioner will instantly notice if there’s something wrong with the sample and you’ll fail before it even gets inside the machine.


Turns out it is possible to pass under 1 week. You can basically take any kind of drug the night before the test and still pass. Almost every drug is cleared from the blood in 6 hours, so when you wake up to go to work, you’ll already be sober. All you need to do is be calm, put on your poker face, and make sure no one notices what you’re doing.