Hair loss is something that is extremely worrying, not just for women, but for men as well. Any, and everyone likes to have hair that is thick, silky and complements their look, as well as leaves an impression on people that is lasting and is good. However, a lot of times, people experience a lot of hair fall owing to factors such as illness, the food intake of the wrong kind, stress, and a whole lot of other factors. Now, in such cases, it is but obvious that people would like to search for ways to stimulate their hair growth and this is where zinc for hair loss comes into play.

How does zinc aid in the regrowth of the hair?

Our body has approximately 2 – 4 grams of this element, and around 70% can be found in the hair, the bones and the skin. Zinc is a very precious metal and is highly required by the body to function properly. Zinc for hair loss is also required. Our body does not have the capacity to store zinc and that is why a regular intake of zinc becomes important. Our metabolism can get compromised owing to the deficiency of zinc. Hair also requires zinc in order to grow properly, and the deficiency of zinc can cause the hair roots to not work properly.

What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?

Lesser intake of zinc can cause a number of issues and problems, as it is mandatory for our cell growth, the way our hormones function, our metabolism and our immune system. Symptoms can be observed to see if zinc is not being supplied in the right amounts such as flaky, itchy or dry skin, or eczema, skin fungi and acne bouts. Wounds might also take longer amounts of time to heal, and nails can develop spots and become weak or brittle. Lastly, the thinning and falling of hair is an important indicator of zinc deficiency.

Hair loss can be triggered due to a lack of zinc

Hair roots and follicles require zinc in good amounts to function decently and to stay healthy. Stress combined with a bad nutrition and zinc deficiency can trigger the loss of hair in huge amounts. The hair roots can only stay protected due to zinc in appropriate quantities in our body. A lot of hair loss can occur due to less intake of zinc by the body.

How to make sure the intake of zinc is proper?

A lot of foods are rich in zinc, and it is very important that people take in such foods such as pumpkins or sunflower. Zinc also helps in strengthening the immune system and, in order to prevent problems in the longer run, zinc should be ingested in proper amounts to have a good scalp.