Wax removal without surgery, naturally? Possible!

Treatment of warts

Warts are caused by a family of HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus) viruses that can multiply in the nucleus of epithelial cells. It is characteristic of the more than 130 known types that they infect only humans and attack only organs covered with epithelial tissue. Most types (more than 90% of them) are based on their low- and medium-risk carcinogenicity, but some can also cause cervical cancer.

There are two clinical forms of HPV infection:

1, papilloma – viral wart

Papilloma is a benign squamous cell carcinoma that develops as a growth, usually on the palm of the hand: this is the common wart. On the soles, the same wart grows inward, often causing great pain.

Wax removal without surgery, naturally? Possible!

2, the appearance of the genital region

Other types of HPV are in and around the genitals (such as the labia, vagina, cervix, or penis, urethra, anus). There are several forms of appearance here:

– inflammation: non-specific inflammation in which abrasion is seen on the vulva, rectum or an uncharacteristic, dilute, possibly slightly purulent discharge from the vagina

– condyloma: a benign tumor that spreads sexually and causes growth even on a larger area, which can block the entire vagina. Its incubation period is several months. This often ignites or dies, resulting in an infinitely unpleasant flow.

– pre-cancerous condition (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia): it is not yet clear to what extent this can lead to cancer, but its development must be taken very seriously.

There are several ways to treat warts:

– topical iodine treatment

– nitrogen freezing, which must be repeated many times 2-3 times

– surgical, possibly surgical laser technique (here there is a good chance that the removal is too superficial and needs to be repeated or too deep and scar is formed)

– with a brush treatment that is usually corrosive (eg salicylic acid), which erodes the wart, but this should not always be used on the genital areas or on the face.

– a non-invasive, natural cream that acts externally, topically against warts in a completely natural way: herbs are one of the most important aids in folk medicine and, with the help of modern science and lengthy research, have created a cream called Papistop (name was created from the words apapilloma and stop).

What are your experiences with Papistop?

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