Favipiravir is commonly known as the influenza drug that approved for clinical use in Japan in 2014. As per the World health organization (WHO), favipiravir drug is used to treat influenza patients. For influenza patients, the dose of 1600mg given on day 1 and about 600mg from the next day. The favipiravir intermediate is the broad-spectrum antiviral drug.

Most of the anti-viral drugs are effective only against the particular virus. But favipiravir intermediateacts against several viruses for which we can’t give the proper treatment. This includes various viruses like dengue, genus Norovirus which causes diarrhea. Favipiravir also treated Ebola patients which is hard for the virus to develop resistance against the drug. The genetic material of the viruses either DNA or RNA based. This particular drug is used to treat RNA viruses.

Choose the best drug for the deadly disease

When you get the more infections it is due to multiplying of viruses inside the body. Favipiravir prevents the virus from making copies when it gets inside the cell. By targeting a key protein enzyme that the virus uses to multiply RNA inside the body the process is done. It clear the virus quickly compared to the other anti-drugs. The drug is very effective, and many showed better results after the treatment. It led to a quicker reduction in viral load compared to the other drugs.

A viral infection is still emerging to which there is no effective drug is not available. Many of the anti-viral drugs cause serious problems. Influenza is one of the most prevalent infections caused by the influenza virus. To treat the influenza virus, favipiravir was discovered. Favipiravir treats all the subtypes of the influenza virus and demonstrated activities against the other RNA virus. It clearly says that favipiravir not only treats influenza virus but also other various types of RNA viruses.

Also, it allowed to use only after the strict regulations. Many would think flu is not a serious problem for the people. But it spread from one person to others easily. If you have a strong immunity level your body could fight against the virus effortless. If you don’t have a certain level of immunity it is hard to treat the virus, even you take the anti-viral drug. Treat the virus at the right time with the right drug. Many anti-viral drugs would suppress the immune system. To maintain the immune response system, many anti-viral drugs given in combination with immunomodulatory drugs.