Understand the importance of this medication management and buying application

Most people nowadays take medications regularly, mostly in every home adults are there and due to the systemic problems they have to take more than one tablet a day. To remember what tablet to take at what time is difficult to remember and generally they forget to take tablets at the prescribed time. The solution for such problems is to download My Medadvisor Application. This application has many operating options, which makes your work on these busy days easier. Not only these but it has many more options for you.

  • With this application, one can order medication from the local pharmacy stores from where one wishes to get medicines.
  • Few people use medications regularly like thyroid patients, diabetic patients and hypertensive patients etc. These people need to rush to medical shops when their medicines are in shortage at home but with this application, they need not worry as this application gives you a reminder when your medication runs out of stock at home. When you buy it sets how many days the medicine is sufficient.
  • In this application you can upload the many medications you daily use and for his many days and at present how many tablets you have with you and accordingly they give you a schedule and inform you when to buy new medicines.
  • Some elderly people have to take more medicines in a day like cardiac patients and cancer patients and many others and they shouldn’t miss even a single dose. But in these busy days, their children can’t give them medications, but by installing this application and setting alarm reminders, you will be automatically informed and by this way you can guide your parents to being at your workplace.
  • In one account you can keep reminders for all your family members by creating different profiles.
  • This application allows you to keep order at any time you wish to so that they take orders when they open pharmacies and deliver to you if you opt for delivery and even an in-store pickup option is available so that you can go and pick up.

My Medadvisor

Application use for the pharmacies

  • This application allows and encourages the new pharmacies also to build their business by signing up in this application and creating a business account.
  • When a patient wants to buy medicines in this application, they get suggestions of various pharmacies which are nearby to the customers.
  • The pharmacies by sitting at their place can take new orders 24/7.

Many new pharmacies are not familiar to people over there and they won’t go there to buy but through these online services they advertise freely for you and you can get orders if you maintain stock of the drugs generally ordered by people in your stores.