A deep tissue massage is a holistic wellness procedure in which the body regains its balance and physical and psychological disharmonies are effectively alleviated. The concept is enjoying growing popularity as a preventive, therapy-accompanying or rehabilitative application that supports the target group in maintaining their internal and external vitality. Whether in wellness centers, cures, in SPA areas or private practices: the deep tissue massage in Fort Worth is proving to be the modern answer to sustainable well-being, the origin of which lies in the treatment of deep tissue.

Such an application is suitable for injury-related as well as chronic pain caused by blockages, hardening or disorders of the tissue layers that bring the muscles and the joints together. In this regard, a deep tissue massage should use special techniques to ensure that the entire musculoskeletal system becomes more stable, mobile and efficient , while mental complaints such as depression or emotional tension are also reduced through the innovative practice. Deep tissue is therefore often used as part of a long-term sports massage and has meanwhile secured a permanent place in the various wellness techniques.

The deep tissue massage is based on this principle. It is used to loosen precisely these hardenings, to restore the suppleness of the body and to help with various practices to successfully relax the myofascial channels. This forms the basis for supplying the organism with new energy, regaining vitality and relieving physical complaints in the long term.

Deep tissue massage effect – A deep tissue massage can have a positive effect on health on a physical, mental, emotional and organic level. As a result, the intensive techniques make it possible to holistically accompany the organism on the way to a symptom-free, active everyday life.

The effect of the deep tissue massage then extends to:

  • the pain reduction
  • the loosening of hardened fasciae
  • the rehabilitation of injured supporting tissue
  • an increased blood flow
  • the stress relief
  • fighting depression
  • therapy support for anxiety disorders
  • relieves tension and tension in the muscles
  • the relief of joint problems
  • restoring mobility
  • an improvement in arthritis or other chronic joint inflammation
  • a treatment for overgrown tissue and hardened scar tissue
  • the elimination of circulatory weaknesses

Nevertheless, the technique must by no means be compared with a restful methodology for holistic relaxation such as Shiatsu massage, because deep tissue applications are based on the exertion of high pressure and dynamic movements. The latter are responsible for ensuring that the massage can release its effect, as deep tissue treatment follows an individual therapy principle that sets it apart from other practices.