What is yoga and how does it help us in being fit

Yoga is the most ancient practice of fitness which is being done since our ancestors, which would help us a lot in being healthy. Yoga asana are also a type of fitness exercises without any practical equipment required, they only need fresh mind and a dedicated body to work out with. There are many types of yoga asanas each of them has their own importance in molding our body which can be learnt easily online hassle free and also, they would help us in gaining a fresh mind with good thoughts, there is one such site which helps us in doing all of these is online yoga classes guide which acts like a guru in teaching all these asanas.

Learning yoga is not at a easy task which can be done by anyone and everyone each of them needs much od dedication towards it and learn them do them regularly on daily basis to see the best results out of it.

Types of yoga asanas:

There are completely 84 yoga asana poses out of which 12 are the most important ones which can be followed daily along with the balanced diet which would help us in being fit without nay ailments.

Now let us discuss a few of asana that would help even a small child to practice as now a days even children are showing interest in being fit when compared to that of elders who are having high of BMI.

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We should always start our day with this which makes our mind pure and removes all the negative energy which is being filled n our mind, in order to remove all these we need to do a 15 minutes time of meditation that one which gives us all positive vibrations.


The next important yoga asana in which it cleanses our body by inhaling and exhaling the air it cleanses our lungs by sending out bad carbon di oxide and other toxic gases out from the nose itself and it also helps in increasing the life of lungs. It also needs to be done for 15minutes a day.

And there are many other asanas which would help us in being fit till our lifetime even during these tough times.

Now let us discuss about few of the diet balancing tips which would help us to be fit. They are:

  • Eating of food on timely basis is the most important thing everyone needs to do, as we know time waits for none so the health also dies the same thing if once we spoil our health it takes a lots and lots of time to get recovered and some times it may not be possible also, so we should always follow healthy eating habits and also good yoga asanas for healthy and fit life style.