An office chair is a type of chair that is designed for the office. What makes it unique versus other chairs are the features that make it ideal for office use, like the headrest, the back support, the swivel feature, the wheels, the height adjustment, the armrest, the back adjustment and padded throughout. It was designed for movement and comfort that can aid any office person to be comfortable and mobile at the same time.

Although it’s padded and it has head and back support, the reality is that these features, for the most part, doesn’t seem to work. You see, although it’s provided in office chairs, many people are still buying cushions to support their head, neck, back, and buttocks. Why? Because they feel the discomfort and they feel that their chairs need further support, although it shouldn’t be the case, it is, and it’s a godsend. Why? Because it can help people to work better without getting bothered by discomforts and they lessen their chances in getting injuries stemming from improper support.

Why buy an office chair cushion? You should buy an office chair cushion because it can help support you with your work. Discomforts can affect your work, your productivity and how you perform. If you keep ignoring it, it will only get worse and worse until it becomes severe. Supporting your buttocks is important because its where the tailbone is located. As you may know, the tailbone connects your muscles and provides stability and balance to you and improper support or not having support at all can be damaging to it.

Office Chair Cushion

The coccyx is very important: The coccyx is very important because it’s a connector to some of your muscles to the skeletal system, without it the body will probably look for other means to balance and stabilize itself. Although it’s a bit far from your bottom, it still can be affected just by prolonged sitting and lack of ample support. If you can’t stand sitting for more extended periods because you feel some discomfort in your bottom and slowly observed that it has gotten worse because you’re also feeling lower back pain, improper support might be the cause.

Why Buying the right support is important: Buying the right kind of office chair cushion is important because it provides you with ample support to get you through the day. This is not just for people that are injured or needs more support when they sit for therapy, but also means for preventive measures. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s highly advised that you should. Once you do, you will realize just how comfortable it is to have one.

A cushion for your office chairs shouldn’t be necessary, but because of how your office chair (most office chairs) lacks the support required, many people are buying these aftermarket cushions to help them get through their shift. This can be used as a therapy tool or as a preventive tool for butt sores, leg pains, backaches and neck pains.