One solution for all types of body aches – Myotherapy

In current era you ask anyone who is working how is the work pressure the answer would be that they have lot of pressure. Due to this work pressure people experience tension and with this tension they often suffer from muscle pain. There are many other factors to get muscle pain like excess exercise or muscle injury and many more. To get relief from these types of pain you can find many therapies. Geelong Myowell is one of the best therapies which can give you a pain free life, not only the muscle pain it can help to reduce almost all types of pains.

What is this therapy?

  • It is advanced form of massage in which the therapist uses different techniques and trigger points to relief the pain. The trigger points are the areas where you can find tight muscle. To relief you from the pain the therapist use many techniques by using their hands, elbow, dry needling and knuckles and so on. It is known as remedial massage.

Benefits of this therapy

Geelong Myowell

  • Firstly they try to find out the reason for the pain. Many people suffer from neck, shoulder lower back pain as they sit for long hours or use PC or laptop for their work. These long sitting jobs may lead to posture issues and due to this they suffer from the above mentioned pain. But by the techniques used in this therapy will not only relief your pain but also help you to improve your posture.
  • By using the massage therapy and dry needling technique they can release the tight muscles. By using some starches they lengthen the tight muscle in your body and gets back them to original position. After this the massage is done through which you the blood flow will improve and all you will relief from all the pain. For few pains there is no need to for any drugs it can be directly healed by the therapy.
  • For stress relief massage is recommended by many people the reason behind this is that the massage helps in blood pressure and it also reduces the hypertension. This results in reduction in anxiety, depression and the cortisol levels in saliva. It is often advised for the people who work for long hours to go for massage so that they can be relaxed and there stress levels can be reduced.
  • Many people suffer from not getting proper sleep in the night this can happen either when they are waking up in between of sleep or facing irritation from some pain like headaches, muscle aches etc. After the massage people have reported that they are able to get good sleep without any interruption.


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