Earlier masks were usually worn by doctors when they used to perform any surgery or when they used to treat patients. We also had veterinary doctors who wear mask while treating animals or pets. However now a day’s masks has become mandate for all. With the current situation as we have the fear of virus spreading its mandate that we wear mask if we step out of home or while interacting with strangers or outsiders. To avoid ourselves from getting infected from virus or bacteria we should ensure wearing mask. There are many companies which started manufacturing masks. With the new pandemic the demand for mask has increased drastically.Even common man has started using mask in their day to day life.There are few countries which has implemented fines in case anyone comes out of the house with out mask.The only reason why all are insisting to wear mask is to avoid getting infected from the virus and bacteria.There are different quality of masks which is available in the market.Its essential that we wear a good quality mask when we go out. LHM Medical is one of the best manufacturers of masks.They also have different color options from which we can select and buy the mask.

Can we prevent ourselves from virus by wearing mask:

In the current situation where we never know where the virus or bacteria is and there is all possibilities for us to get infected from the virus. Hence it is mandate that we wear mask where ever we step out of our homes. There are different types of masks which is available in the market. Surgical earloop face mask is one option which people can opt for to wear. It is a disposal mask which can be wore once. It is comfortable and easy to wear. People should ensure covering their nose and mouth before leaving their house. Hence mask would serve the purpose. Its important that we choose a comfortable and good mask. As we never know where the virus or infection is its always better to take precaution.  Hence wearing a mask would be advisable and it should be mandate for all people to wear mask as they step out of their homes. There are different bands and options which people can buy and wear from the market. People should ensure their safety and the safety of people around them.